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Truffles’ progress report on donations for the Atlanta Pet Parade

Woof Woof!

I’ve collected $600 for the Atlanta Humane Society so far!

My goal of $760, one penny for each step I have to make to walk 1.5 miles, is almost reached! Thanks to all of you that have contributed and to your company matching gifts! Those have made a huge impact towards reaching my goal!

Truffles' collections progress

The Atlanta Pet Parade walk is this coming Saturday, May 1st, early in the morning. I’m so excited to walk with all the hundreds of other doggies and people that will be there. And I am SO PROUD to present the donations you’ve given and to help my doggie and kitty-cat friends waiting for homes at the Atlanta Humane Society.

If you haven’t donated yet, please help me reach, or even EXCEED my goal! There’s still time! You can mail a check made out to the Atlanta Humane Society to me at 1110 Pine Heights Drive, Atlanta, GA 30324. You can also email me at, or call Daddy David at 678-643-3113, or Daddy Kevin at 404-786-1491 to see how to get your donation to me.

Again, thank you so much for your help!

Chi-dawg out and ready-to-walk!

Truffles Jones-Perez

Truffles – In Training for the Atlanta Pet Parade


So I told ya about how I’m gonna walk 1.5 miles in the Atlanta Pet Parade, benefiting the Atlanta Humane Society. By my calculations, that ‘s over 76,000 steps I have to take!

My daddies took me out to train. It had been a while since we walked such a distance. Below is the GPS tracked path that Daddy David tracked for me. As you can see, I walked 3.08 miles!! That’s twice what I’m gonna do in the pet parade walk! Hows that for being in shape?

Truffles' Atlanta Pet Parade training route

Donations started off with a bang–thanks to everyone that has donated! But I still have some way to go. Hoping to make a penny per step. If you haven’t yet, can you help me get to my goal? Email me at for details.

Chi-dawg over and out!

Truffles and the Atlanta Pet Parade

Dear Pet Lover!

Atlanta Humane Society Pet Parade

My Daddies Kevin and David are taking me to walk one and a half miles to raise money for the Atlanta Humane Society.

Just so you know, 1.5 miles is about 63,360 inches…my legs have about a 5 inch stride length…so, that’s um…about 19,000 steps per leg…and I have 4 of them…that’s like 76,000 steps…um..holy poopoo…that’s a long walk!

Truffles at the 2009 Pet Parade

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Q: How many shoes do you have?

Finally! I’ve received my first question! Thank you, Roger, from sunny Jacksonville, Florida!

I actually don’t have any shoes–but my daddies have tons of them. Clothing is not high on my priority list. And when I get dressed up, I’m not always a happy camper. But, as long as I have something to occupy my time…like I’m at a cocktail party, or a doggie meet-up, it’s not too bad.

Thanks for your question, Roger!