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A photo highlighted each week–new, or from my album archives.


I came across some nifty instructions for a real cheap light tent, one that can be made at the office out of regular scrap copier paper. So, I promptly put one together and took a photo with the droid of one of the trinkets I have scattered around my cube, the Coqui I received from a friend. Notice the seamless background!

Using the droid and PicSay Pro, I adjusted the exposure, added the word balloon, and voila! Check out the instructions for this light tent at


I haven’t posted a new Photo of the Week picture in a while, so here goes. I love this recent one of our Chihuahua, Truffles. I’ve been practicing taking pictures without using the viewfinder. At several doggie meet-ups, I hold the camera low to the ground, point it the direction of the dog I want to photograph, and take a snapshot.

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