Icky Dog Food

We’re fostering a doggie, Theo. He came with two bags of Kibbles ‘n Bits dog food.

Already having decided to feed him the same type of food (Natural Balance, Duck and Potato) that we feed to our dog, Truffles, we looked at the ingredients list.

Kibbles ‘n bits’ main ingredient was corn, as I suspected. But then there was also corn syrup. Really? Why?

Later there was animal digest for chicken flavor. First I thought this might be chicken guts…but then I read a wikipedia entry. Gross!

Propylene glycol. Salt. And hydrochloric acid!

Plus caramel color and several other food colorings. I guess that’s what makes it pretty enough to entice people to want to feed to their pets.

We then double-checked the ingredient list of what Truffles gets. None of that icky stuff.

Kibbles ‘n bits (Original):

Natural Balance (Limited Ingredients- Duck and Potato):