RANT: Pandigital Photo, Slide & Negative Scanner PANSCN05 (edited)

I was shopping at Bed, Bath, & Beyond the other day, and came across this small digital scanner. For some time, I’ve been wanting to get something that could scan negatives. I’ve been looking for something much less than $100, especially since once I’m done scanning the negatives, I’ve no use for the scanner any more.

I came across this Pandigital scanner. It was originally $100, but marked down to $50. I snapped it up. It scans up to a 6 frame negative at a time to an SD card. You don’t even have to hook it up to a PC. You can then transfer the images from the card to a PC.

It only scans at 1200dpi. Not great. But the images come out at 1632×1056. Some of the images look a bit squished, which is possibly due to negatives not being completely flat. For the price, I’m very happy. Over the past few days I’ve scanned nearly 800 frames. The resulting images are between 150-350k.

It will also scan slides and printed pix, up to 5×7 in size.


Ok, I’ve used this thing for a while longer. I’ve changed my mind on this piece-of-crap. It has been dropping frames. I thought at first that it was having a problem with strips of negatives that only have two frames on it. But last night, I repeatedly scanned the same film strips–sometimes the frames would capture…sometimes they wouldn’t. Out of 24 frames, 13 were missing.

This thing is going back.

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