its official…after 20 years of togetherness, we have officially tied the knot.

we met back in 1993–moved in together after a month and bought a house within a year of that. got dog (katie) to go with the cat (delilah). got two more cats (kricket and kleo). bought a condo. got another dog (truffles) after the other pets had passed.

when new york passed the marriage equality act in 2011, we knew we had to get married in new york. we had thought we could make it happen on our 20th anniversary (april 2013), but things just wouldn’t come together.

just about a month ago, some friends wanted to visit new york and we decided it would be a fun trip to go along. while planning the trip, we said to each other that we needed to take advantage of the trip and get married.

friday, we waited two hours for our marriage license. we held our ceremony in central park’s strawberry fields at 4:30pm today, Saturday, September 21, 2013. a crowd of people gathered and then cheered for us when it was done. I cried. it was awesome.

a gay couple from Britain congratulated us and said they couldn’t wait for marriage to be legal in Britain.

a straight couple from California said this was the best event they have seen in new york.

a woman sitting on a bench gave me two thumbs up as we left.

so happy. so proud.

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