Happy New year – 2023

For real, I’m actually writing a new post. Yay, 2023!

I’m hoping everyone had a fab Christmas and an awesome jump into the new year. There certainly has been a lot going on since I’ve last done ANYTHING on this website. This is not a new year’s resolution–I don’t know if I’ll be doing regular posts–too much going on, but you never know. We have A LOT to catch up on: COVID, elections… the list is endless. But, that’s not what this post is about.

So here’s a start.

Kevin got me a reMarkable tablet in 2021 for our anniversary. I love it. I use it all the time. I’ve created custom page templates galore and all sorts of stuff to make the tablet useful to me.

I’ve purchased PDFs for calendars, but they just didn’t do what I wanted, or they did too much. I created my own with Excel and PDF software, but it was a lot of manual effort–I created the underlying pages in Excel, then created links back and forth with a PDF editor: Too. Much. Effort.

Last week I found a JAVA library to create PDFs with. I’ve been working with this library for the past several days and I can now generate a PDF for any year that has an annual calendar on one page, links to monthly calendar pages, each of these has a link to a weekly planner and a monthly todo list. Personally, it does EXACYLY what I want.

Sure, it may not fit everyone’s needs. But I’m sharing it anyhow. Feel free to download and share. Let me know what you think. NO WARRANTIES EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED.

There is one thing I’ll be adding over the next few days–a monthly bill section. If you have bills due each month (many of us do), this might be helpful. You can write in the due date for each bill, and as you pay them, check them off. I use such a template to keep track of my bills, but I want it to be part of my 2023 calendar, too. If you think that’ll be useful for you, wait for my next post.

So, here’s v1.0 of my annual calendar. I hope you find it useful!

This is the latest version–it includes a brief help page, yearly calendar, monthly calendar, weekly planners, monthly todo, and monthly bill reminder.

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