I haven’t posted a new Photo of the Week picture in a while, so here goes. I love this recent one of our Chihuahua, Truffles. I’ve been practicing taking pictures without using the viewfinder. At several doggie meet-ups, I hold the camera low to the ground, point it the direction of the dog I want to photograph, and take a snapshot.

As you can imagine, this results in a lot of pictures of doggie legs, grass, and other doggie parts that aren’t album worthy. Sometimes I don’t get the dog in the picture, sometimes it is out of focus, sometimes I end up with a picture of a doggie butt. But on occasion, I do get the chance to capture some great shots.

When taking pictures of animals, especially small ones, getting to their level results in the best results. It’s pretty much impossible to use the viewfinder at a height of one foot, so shooting blind is the only way to do it. After a while, you do get used to pointing the camera in the right direction. Practice.