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This site is all about us–our interests, thoughts, opinions, and ideas.

We’re not here to sell you anything–but if you are in the Atlanta area, Kevin runs Atlanta Residential Cleaning, just in case your home isn’t as clean as it could be.

And, if you are wanting your own personal or a business website and/or email address, hosting.davidandkevin.com can help you there, too, with domain name registration, website setup, maintenance, and even basic site design.

David is a photographer and you can view bits of his work presented throughout the site. You can find details on the photography services he provides at photos.davidandkevin.com.  There are lots of photo albums from various trips, events, and locations which can be viewed at albums.davidandkevin.com. Check them out.

Kevin prefers to run his home cleaning business rather than post on the blog–so you may not find many posts from him on the site. He’s like a silent participant.

Truffles is David and Kevin’s 5 pound short-haired, tri-color Chihuahua.


David Perez

Kevin Jones


Musings on photography, condo living, life in general, and advice column from Truffles, the chihuahua.