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RAVE: Zebra Pen Corp

Zebra Pen Corp’s customer service… A+

Recently, the company I work for stopped providing retractable pens to employees. I despise the cheap pens with the caps–the caps are easily lost and the pens don’t clip well to notebooks. Ugh.

So I headed to the local office supply store and bought a 2-pack of Zebra F-301 pens and a 2-pack of ink refills. This is a nice, fine point, stainless steel barrel pen and it wasn’t very expensive. I figured the stainless steel barrel would really make this a long-lasting pen. I also kept the receipt–cause you know it’s coming off my taxes!

After a few weeks of using the pen, it stopped writing consistently. I checked the ink cartridge–it was only 1/2 empty. Disappointed, I sent the ink cartridge in for a replacement and used one of the refills I purchased to continue my work-related note taking.

Today, I received TWO 2-pack ink refills and TWO pens. Awesome! Thanks Zebra Pen Corp!

RAVE: Fun at the Ball Park, RANT: Ticketmaster

Went to the Braves game yesterday. Bought the cheap seats–$9.75 each plus the excessive convenience charge–cause it’s convenient to order tickets, ya know, plus the additional $2.5 rape charge to conveniently print the tickets at home–which incidentally, is the same charge if you conveniently want to have them mailed to you, or if you conveniently want to pick them up at will-call, or if you conveniently want to obtain the tickets in any other fashion so you can use the damn things.

Anyway…so we got there early–we never made it to our seats–we hung out at the Chop House, with Natalie, our awesome server, who helped us rack up a $175 food ‘n drink bill over the four hour period that we were there. 🙂


HATE THE HOMELESS…let’s see what else we can do to continue to force the unfortunate/disenfranchised to live under a rock with no hopes of progress. Why are we so against allowing people to better themselves? How can we be against this? It’s a sad state of society when we think we are so much better than those that don’t have….

Rave: Captain Kirk’s Nephew…is gay.

If you like Star Trek, you’ll like the episodes featured at Star Trek Phase II. Some serious fans of Star Trek have gotten together to continue the series and they have created some amazing work! This project has been in progress for several years. I’ve downloaded several episodes on my computer a few years ago when I heard about the series, but only recently got around to watching them.

Today, I started Episode 3, Blood and Fire. And guess what: Captain Kirk’s nephew is gay! I’ve not watched the full episode yet, but I just had to blog about it. I don’t know what happens yet to Captain Kirk’s nephew, nor how Kirk reacts to the news, but this is exciting.

I’m not to sure about his outfit…the red apron-looking thing is a bit odd…but, I guess that’s future fashion.  🙂

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Rant: “G.I. Joe: Rise of the Cobra”, Rave: “Julie & Julia”

G.I. Joe, with lots of action and green screen effects, was a bit over the top. While appreciative of the hunky cast and nifty special effects, I felt the effects were cool but too showy. Focusing on the story and dropping the effects factor by 50% would have left an enjoyable movie. No need to turn down the hunkiness, tho. 😉

Julie & Julia was very funny and inspirational. Inspirational, because I’m updating content on my blog (which I haven’t in a while) and because I’m on a diet and all the food prep made my mouth water. I think it’s time to pull out a cookbook and see what I can whip up!