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There’s the blog, which has been feeling like the unwanted stepchild. It probably started off more as a venting/rant&rave platform (aka condo drama), grew into a photo gallery (which I have since migrated to Picasa), and now sits mostly unused by the sidelines. There’s no fancy web development, even though I wanted to use it, too, to teach myself new tricks. It used to link to netflix and twitter and facebook, until those RSS feeds broke.

There’s Linked In, which really isn’t a regular platform for posting, but something I need to consider for that career track. I find it’s really a place to keep track the coworkers and bosses and other acquaintances that you didn’t like so you know where not to go look for a job.

There’s Twitter, perfect for those quick, attention-deficit disorderly shout outs, but which don’t tell a lot about a person. I’m not all that witty in the moment. I’m not that thought-provoking and philosophical in 140 characters or less.

There’s Facebook, which is great at seeing what others are up to. Even people you don’t know, family members you didn’t know you had (and still don’t speak to much). Maybe facebook is really more to make others envious? Sure, the pictures of a friend’s exotic, sun-drenched, beachy, beautiful place-he-calls-home in a foreign country are nice to look at, but is he just thumbing his nose at my poor, work focused, debt ridden, tanked economy lifestyle? Plus he works out, is younger, and has a better body?

Foursquare, which is just another “I’m here and you’re not” envy producing tool, which I use frequently, because I want to gain points.

GetGlue, so I can really let everyone know how much of a couch potato I am, and which gets me these cool stickers, which are completely useless, but I want something for free, damn it!

Google Plus, which has these nifty hangout tool. hell, I don’t know if it’s nifty. I’ve not used it. I don’t know what to say to people in real life, much less with them staring at me or talking to me in real time. It takes time for me to formulate my thoughts and to come up with nonsense. I like posting pictures of my dog, though.

Oh, and youtube. I’ve two videos there. Two. On a bright note, hangouts has/will have an option to record and post to youtube. that would be useful for me, you know, because, um….

And my latest obsession, Klout. Only because of that stupid article that says it can lead to free stuff and jobs. So now I have to tweet, facebook, and g+ more.

I even have skype on my computer and phone. I’ve used it once to talk to my mom (who lives 20 minutes away) as an experient so she can contact Germany. I’ve my partner in my contact list. And I have one twitter/google+ peep in my skype contact list, whom I’ve never spoken to IRL.


P.S.: I’ll post this on google+, and tweet and facebook about it.

P.S.S. : I forgot why I typed this. Maybe the brand names I’ve dropped will give me more klout.

What’s Happening?

It’s been a busy, busy time. We had water damage from the condo above in July, that has taken a long time to rectify. Even now, dealing with insurance payments and the mortgage company. There was Pride, doggie events, work (of course), and any number of other things that have been keeping me busy from posting. Even now, we’re ready for take off to Las Vegas.

So, no promises as to when, but Pride pix are currently being processed. I think I’m on the last half, and after Vegas, should be able to get them uploaded..maybe by end of next week?

Anyways, look for updates soon! And if you don’t see any, just let me know you’re waiting!


So, I had to get rid of the facebook/netflix/weather RSS feeds, cause they were slowing things down. Now, inundated with spam comments. I think I received 20 today.

Turned off comments, yet still got spam. Implemented a captcha plugin for comments. Let’s see how this goes.

No, no nekkid pix.  🙂

Site Issues & Water Damage

I received reports through a twitter follower that our site was not responding. Turns out, there was something wrong with the weather, netflix, and facebook RSS feeds that I displayed on the sidebar–they caused the site to respond very slowly. I’ve temporarily disabled those feeds.

Once I’ve dealt with the water damage that our upstairs neighbor has caused us (again), I’ll look to see about addressing the RSS feeds. Want to follow @snerbel and #condodrama to learn more about the water damage. I’ll start tweeting about it.

Site Updates

I’m incorporating a photo gallery into the site and updating a few design items. I’m still working on login functionality and overall things may not work or look right for a while longer. please be patient!