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Movie: The Lakehouse

Hmm… romance? or sci-fi flick? Before starting it, I recalled that we heard some friends saying that they did not like it. Kevin didn’t like the movie. I did. While talking about the movie, Kevin didn’t like the whole time-warp theme…letters going back and forth in time, and resolving the time differences and all that.

I think if you’re a sci-fi fan, you’ve more than likely come across this type of theme before, and can understand the intricacies of time travel and all the paradoxes that come from that. But for a romance movie, that apparently doesn’t mix all that well. That would explain why we heard some negative stories about it.

So, if you can resolve time-theory, and understand that you risk the destruction of the time-space continuum by meeting yourself when you travel through time, then you just might like this movie. On the otherhand, if you’re not really into that sci-fi stuff, there’s a good chance it won’t be your first movie of choice.

Movie: D.E.B.S.

A funny, time waster. Don’t look for deep, thought provoking or surprising plot twists–well, maybe a very small one that sets the basis for the story line: girl ditches boy followed by girl meets girl.  🙂

This isn’t made with a handheld camcorder; it has a good soundtrack, and good effects. We liked this one for its funny spots. This is a renter, tho you might consider a (cheap) purchase just in case you want to have something playing on TV as you clean house.