RANT and RAVE: Splish Splash Doggie Bash

Tuesday night was a benefit for the Atlanta Humane Society at East Andrews. I think the event was a success—there were lots of people and doggies. But the venue leaves a lot to be desired, which makes me re-think going there in the future.

Only patio area was open—the inside restaurant was closed—so there was only one bar for the crowd. That bar was staffed by only one bartender and she had a difficult time keeping up with the crowd’s drink orders. When we arrived, we had to wait about ten minutes to place our drink order. When I went to buy our second round, my wait time exceeded 15 minutes. At that point, I seriously considered leaving, but I regained my sanity and instead just planned to order myself two beers instead of just one. Which I did. Which made me happy.

Because the inside restaurant was closed, no lights were on. A trip to the restroom required patrons to walk into a dark restaurant with chairs stacked on tables. Any number of creepiness could have lurked in those shadows. Good thing I had not watched any horror flicks recently.

At the end of the evening when I cashed out our tab, I congratulated our bartender on surviving the harrowing evening. She was exhausted but in good spirits—but probably the latter only because she was taking a few swigs herself.

One thought on “RANT and RAVE: Splish Splash Doggie Bash”

  1. Sorry we missed the event. But not being a fan of the East Andrews layout and how they run things, kinda glad we took a pass. With mid Summer heat in full tilt, you have to have more than one bartender for an event like that. C’mon East Andrews, step up your game. The Yappy Hour crowd deserves better.

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