Pet Supplies Plus – Watch for Bugs!

Don’t get me wrong—I love Pet Supplies Plus, and will continue to go there.

We love to purchase the dog treats they sell in bulk. But just to advise you, don’t purchase the multi-colored dog bone treats. We purchased a small bag some time ago, and put them into a glass jar for Truffles. We don’t go through a lot–our five pound doggie doesn’t get to eat treats all the time, and just recently we purchased another small bag of these.

Today, we found the glass jar full of BUGS!

At first, we thought maybe bugs got into the jar. But we checked the bag we purchased a week or so ago, and found bugs in it, too.

I called Pet Supplies Plus, and while they offered to refund me for the amount purchase (which wasn’t much–we only bought a little for our small dog), they did not otherwise seem concerned.

So, just be careful with what you purchase. From now on, we’re purchasing pre-packaged treats.