Doggies and Boobies… Oh My!

Get your checkbooks out—pleeeze!

The Atlanta Pet Parade, which benefits the Atlanta Humane Society, is on Saturday, May 2nd, 2009. Check out their website for more information on joining the festivities.

There’s also a pre-walk social event at Hotel Indigo on Wednesday, April 1st. You’ve got to be there! Truffles wanted to attend the event last year, but was too young for the first events, and the final Hotel Indigo event of the year was rained out…she was so upset. ūüôĀ But this year, her cocktail dress is ready to be shown!!! Other doggies: beware!

The Atlanta Humane Society is continuing their awesome All Pets Allowed Calendar! For a tiny fee of $35 and a photo, your pet is GUARANTEED TO BE INCLUDED IN THE CALENDAR! Granted, yers has to be a special pet to make the monthly calendar photo, and Truffles is looking to dominate more than one¬†month’s centerfold (you know, Chihuahuas desire¬†World Domination), but your pet’s pic can still be part of this memorable calendar (please ignore Truffles’ trash talk). Katie (our awesome Lab-Pit mix doggie), and Kricket (our cutie-pa-tootie kitty-kat) have been in previous calendars, and Truffles WILL be in next years. Will your pet be part of this calendar, too?

Babes for Boobies! Woo-Woo! Ok, maybe boobies are not our “cup of tea” but what a tremendous undertaking for the fight against breast cancer! Donations benefit the Susan G Komen For the Cure foundation. Please make your contributions to our dear friends Maria and Heather’s team, Babes for Boobies, who are set on raising $6000 for the 3-day walk.¬†

Don’t forget to check with your company’s policies for matching contributions! You’ll need to send your matching contribution document to Babes for Boobies¬†so they get credit for those matching gifts! David and Kevin¬†have donated¬†$100 towards this, and Macy’s matching contribution should account for another $100–WAY TO GO!