Cameras, cell phones, and tablets.

I have one of each. Maybe even more than one.

I love taking pictures. If you’ve browsed this site you’ll find the links to my photo albums all tucked away in Google+. Use the Photo Gallery link above to check them out.

I take my devices to parades and other similar public events. I especially like parades. Parades have funny looking characters. They have celebrities. And I want my picture taken with all of them!

The best photo view I get is when I stand in the middle of the street facing the parade head-on. It usually takes me a few moments to compose the perfect shot, but as the parade slows down a bit (since I’m in the way) I can easily get everything into the frame and focused. Thanks guys!

When the celebrities come by, I just barge into the street with my cellphone, grab the celebrity and force them into my selfie-picture-taking position and snap away. I don’t let them go until I’ve taken at least four images..maybe more…just in case one of us was blinking and the picture isn’t that good. Sure, it slows them down a bit, but I’m ahead of all those other people that want to take selfies. And I don’t mind people on the sidewalk taking pictures of me. Who wouldn’t want a picture of me taking a selfie with a celebrity?

At times, I’ll also whip out my 10inch tablet and hold it in front of my face as I take a video or snap a set of pictures. I try to be thoughtful and hold the tablet up high enough so the people behind me can view the parade on my tablet screen. Since I stepped in front of them, they can’t view the parade themselves. I’m thoughtful that way.

Street barriers along the sidewalk are awesome. It’s a good reminder to know where the sidewalk is, because that’s where I don’t want to be. I’ll often create a small crowd with other avid photographers on the street in front of the barricade. It’s the best location, because it’s easier to run up to those celebrities. I would hate to have to jump the barricade every time. I’m not training for the Olympics!

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