RANT: Cameras bring out the worst

I was really disappointed at this year’s Inman Park Festival parade and the Atlanta Pride Festival parade.

Not by the parades themselves, but by the hordes of inconsiderate on-lookers who crowded the streets, crossing barriers, and even blocking the parade routes, so they could take pictures and selfies with their cameras, cell phones, and tablets.

It is unfortunate that these “photographers” have to act in such a way. Their behavior directly impacts how less-casual photographers are viewed. Most photographers will do their best to not be so obvious, to not get in the way of others. We try to be respectful of our surroundings so that everyone can enjoy the events that are unfolding.

It is sad that the proliferation of photographic equipment in so many hands demonstrates how many people are so self-centered and oblivious to others. As if we really needed evidence of those awful traits

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